4 Reasons to boycott Black Friday

UK shoppers reportedly spent £2.9bn last year on single sales. Sustainable? No...Ethical? HELL NO Shoppers will flock to the streets this weekend and hit their computers to snap up the latest bargains on stuff they don't need that will inevitably end up in landfill.

Recent research has found that 60% of Brits suffer from Buyer's Remorse over sale purchases, with almost half admitting they have bought something simply because it was reduced in price.

Mass consumption is affecting our planet and the people that produce these items. Enormous stock demands mean factory workers in developing countries are often working even longer hours in already unsafe conditions for very little wages. Black Friday through to Cyber Monday is the epitome of mass consumption.

Electrical goods and clothing are two of the most purchased things on Black Friday, yet @defrauk have reported 350,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill each year while electrical items contribute to the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

Black Friday undercuts Small Businesses

Black Friday has never been about shopping small. Retail giants can afford to pump billions of ££s into advertising and slash their prices to entice shoppers.

Small, local businesses won't be able to compete and are unable to take the financial hit

Black Friday creates A Ton Of Waste

The promise to deliver items in just a couple of days (we’re looking at you, Amazon Prime) requires putting thousands more trucks and ships in service, increasing pollution

There’s also the ridiculous amount of packaging involved, flooding recycling centres or ending up in landfill

Not to mention people buying things they don't even need which, only a short while later, ends up being binned

You’re probably not even saving money

For those on a budget, it may seem like a risk worth taking; the only chance to buy gifts at an affordable price. But a recent investigation by Which? found that 95% of products discounted as Black Friday deals weren’t listed at their cheapest-ever price.

So before you risk your health and budget in order to make the richest people in the world even richer, stop and consider why you feel pressured to do so.

Opportunity for Greenwashing to prevail

In 2018, Burberry burned unsold items worth £28.6m in a bid to protect its brand and yet they describe themselves as"A purposeful, values-driven brand, we are committed to being a force for good in the world."

Sustainability, eco and up-cycling have an ethical ring to them, and big brands are really starting to get it. In fact, they are getting it a little too well, with the use of buzzwords and natural imagery, now key to marketing themselves as "Green"

Watch out for companies re-branding the day as "Green Friday" in efforts to convince consumers that they present a "better" choice

When it comes to Greenwashing, it's always best to view a businesses actions, practices and product offering, as a whole.

It's not all bad...

If you've been saving up for that new Fridge Freezer and it'll save you £££'s, GO FOR IT! A lot of people have fallen on difficult times, particularly in the last year, so this weekend might be a great time to snap up some deals on things you've been saving up for.

It's also been a tough year for our small business community and we aren't here to judge those choosing to take part in the sales. Sadly many small businesses feel pressured to compete.

All we ask, is that you try to only buy what you need 🛒Buy Less 💭Choose Well ♻️Make it last

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