5 Steps to Plastic Freedom

✋ 1. Take a pledge, never to buy new plastic or 'virgin' plastic, where there is an alternative.

🔄 2. You’ll notice I’m not saying “stop using plastic”. Just stop using new plastic. Reusing the plastic you already have until it gives up from sheer exhaustion means you are maximising the amount of time it stays out of the wider environment. There are plenty of items that with good care, will last a lifetime

♻️ 3. When plastic items (inevitably) crack or degrade to the point where you can’t use them any more they should go for recycling

🛒 4. Find plastic free alternatives. This is much easier to do these days, with alternatives like biodegradable plastic to bamboo, wood, glass, cotton, metal and naked products without packaging, readily available. Some however will perform better than others depending on their function so do your research and find what works for you. We have lots of plastic free swaps available in the shop at www.foreverandgreen.co.uk (link in bio)

👀 5. Look out for plastic that winds up in your home and life completely unintentionally. This often happens when you shop with certain online stores (we're looking at you Amazon.com) the eco-friendly item you ordered comes wrapped in plastic film, defeating the purpose of your buy. Go with suppliers with a zero plastic or recycled-plastic policy instead.

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