About Us: Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet Neela

Your first Sustainable Swap?

I used to finger-paint and scribble on scraps of paper recycled from my dad’s office bin as a kid - does that count?

Sustainability Credentials?

An almost lifelong passion for the protection of our planet

PGDip/MSc. Sustainability and Adaptation

MSc. Thesis: Using psycho-social research methods to explore moments of ‘Epiphany’ and its effect in transforming individuals into actively engaged environmentalists

Your environmental epiphany?

Like most teens on a gap year. I went backpacking and there was a huge realisation once I got to the Great Barrier Reef. Even back then they were talking about “acidification” and the impact tourists were having. I travelled further South of Australia and came across great plains that had been destroyed by wildfires and knew I needed to do more whilst also thinking hard on the impact my travels were having on the earth.

Meet Scott

Your first Sustainable Swap?

Reusable coffee cups, I used to work in the city drinking 4 cups a day. A reusable cup was necessary!

Sustainability Credentials?

  • I’m a newbie to zero waste. I’ll make mistakes along the way I’m sure but it’s a journey and I have a great teacher by my side - Learning everyday

Your environmental epiphany?

For so long, I didn’t used to think too much about what I bought and the impact it might have on the planet or even people. I went on holiday to Bali a few years back and like most tourists, went snorkeling with the Manta Rays. The sea and beaches were filled with floating bits of plastic (you’ve seen THAT video (below) some of which will have travelled from the West and across the Indian ocean. That combined with the fact that we ship our waste overseas, you feel a sense of responsibility for rubbish that has made its way halfway around the world!

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