Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day!

Celebrate the world over since 1970, Earth Dayis marked on 22nd of April each year, serving as a day to encourage and empower people to make changes to help protect our planet.⁣

It's also used as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes. This year focuses on 'Restore the planet', making changes to help undo the damage done.⁣

From forest degredation, plastic pollution to the extinction of wildlife. The human race has a lot to answer for and we need to help restore this beautiful planet and stop causing it any further harm.⁣

First up on ways we have destroyed the planet, let's talk LANDFILL

In the UK, we send over 15 million tonnes of rubbish from our homes to landfill every year causing significant issues to the environment. Why not try some basic changes to your lifestyle and have a go at these zero waste tips:⁣

- REDUCE what you buy, consume and eventually throw away. As yourself, do I really need this?⁣

- REUSE as much as you can. Ditch single-use items that you will immediately throw in the bin and instead invest in reusable products⁣

- RECYCLE as often as you can. Place items that can be recycled into the recycling bin. Not sure, check local policies and educate yourself. Also upcycle where you can prolonging the item's life, even toilet rolls make great pencil holders or craft projects for the kids.⁣

In honour of Earth Day we are also offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders from our planet-friendly store for the rest of this month. Head to and use code EARTHDAY21 at checkout.⁣

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For more on Earth day and local events that you can ake part in visit:

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