Forever & Green's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This Mother's day give thanks to the greatest mother of all, Mother Earth, with our planet-friendly gift guide...

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Mother's Day Bundles from £35

Mother's Day Bundle £35, with products worth over £60

Luxury Bundle £60, with products worth over £90

Personalised Mother's Day Cards, choose from one of our designs

Our cards are printed on seed paper

How to Plant our Eco-friendly Seeded Papers

Our seed papers are all very easy to plant! We have grown them all so we know they will germinate if looked after properly – the main thing is to keep the paper wet – let it dry out and success is severely reduced!

  1. Get yourself a sowing tray or pot and fill with compost – preferably peat-free!

  2. Place the seed paper on top – there is no need to cover it with more compost

  3. Water well

  4. Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate

  5. Keep the paper moist at all times – important!

  6. Once the seedlings are well established you can then transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot and grow on. Or you can individually remove each seedling and grow on in lots of small pots.

  7. When big enough – place in the garden and enjoy the flowers!

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