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Kula Bags

The Kula Bags Story

Kula was founded in the Summer of 2019. While at a trade event, we were introduced to a unique material called Texon vogue, a durable and washable paper, which became the main element behind all our products. Not only was I impressed at how versatile the material was, but the fact that it was 100% vegan and had been accredited by both the FSC and Oeko-Tex for its sustainability was a huge bonus too. Since then, we have been developing different products that meet the needs of our customer base, while focusing on our social responsibility.

Why Kula Bags?

I believe that as a customer it is important to find companies that place an importance on their social responsibility and sustainability, in order to reduce the waste we produce. At Kula, we are constantly trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce and also look for sustainable ways we can improve our products. Personally, I like hearing what the customer has to say as this feedback can often help produce a functional, stylish product.

Although we may be a small company, I don’t think this holds us back in any way. It allows us to build more of a personal connection with our customers, which we value. We have seen through the past year how much of an impact shopping with small independent brands can have, so I’d ask the reader to shop small whenever they can.

As for the products themselves, they are truly unique. All our bags and backpacks are made with 100% Vegan materials and can be washed in your standard home washing machine.

What was your first sustainable swap?

I’ve always tried to stay away from single use plastics. The idea of using something once and then throwing it out doesn’t sit well with me, so I try to reuse as much as possible.

From a fashion standpoint, I do my best to stay away from fast fashion brands. I have always believed if you can invest a bit more money into a product it will usually have a much higher quality and lifespan. Where I can I try to buy second hand through apps like Depop. It’s nice to think you’re giving an item a second chance, but also if there’s something I haven’t worn in a while, there’s someone out there that will appreciate it more.

What was your environmental epiphany?

I have always had some interest in our environment. Any business I created was always going to have an environmental element to it because I think we have a responsibility to create a better future for the next generation. Nothing lasts forever so it is important we reduce and re-use as much as possible.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

It sounds cliché, but the first sale we had gave me my biggest feeling of accomplishment. It turned an idea into reality and for me that’s the most exciting thing.

Fast forward five years, what's next for Kula Bags?

I just want to keep developing and improving the products we currently have and maybe introduce some new styles on the way. I’m always interested in experimenting with different materials to try and create something new, so hopefully this will expand the brand further. I’d also like to continue increasing our social responsibility as a brand, having some sort of initiative based around restoring or selling second-hand products would be useful, I think. Giving people the opportunity to breathe new life into a product they bought from us a few years ago would be cool.

Ready, Set, Go...

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