Meet the Maker: Jayne, Organically Epic

Organically Epic, Jayne

The Organically Epic's Story

We started out as a distribution company, importing non UK organic brands. We were very good at it too but something was missing for me. We launched our first dental product in 2018 and it snowballed from there. We tried to distribute other brands as well as growing our own brand but as a small business, something had to give so in late 2019, just before Covid hit actually, we dropped the distribution side to fully focus on growing Organically Epic. With eight products launched and two products launching in the next 6 months we haven't looked back!

Why Organically Epic?

We think about the bigger picture. From how the materials that make up our products are grown, harvested and made to how they are manufacturered to their efficacy. Sustainability is such a catch all word and it's also a spectrum. No brand (unless you're a large multi-national) can do it all but we can strive to do what we can, and work towards what we can't. We don't claim to be zero waste - I'm afraid currently, that would not be possible. We are constantly looking at new advancements in materials. Not only materials that are better for the earth but as a dental brand, we focus hugely on efficacy. This seems like a strange thing to point out but when there is so much focus on sustainability, the efficacy of products can get lost in the message. Organically Epic merges efficacy with sustainability. Helping our customers to manage their dental requirements. Our products won't only brighten and cleanse, they'll help freshen breath, fight plaque and gum disease. We have a simple 3 step dental routine that will help even the fussiest of dental aficionados.

What was your first sustainable swap?

I started looking at ingredients in skincare and body care first. Swapping synthetics for natural and organic where I could.

What was your environmental epiphany?

I've always been conscientious with waste. However, when I had my daughter 8 years ago, I really started looking at what was in the bath and body care products I was using on her. It's the age old story of having children and wanting a better world for them. I've been lucky that that epiphany happened at the right time to grow into a career, brand launch, product development, botanical study and meeting some of the most amazing people in my industry. Not recently of course, I'm craving some event attendance in 2022.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

I would definitely say winning awards. On a personal note they are validation from industry peers and a definite pick me up, knowing we are on the right track with our passion here at Organically Epic. Customers love a product that has won awards too so that always helps.

Fast forward five years, what's next for Organically Epic?

Goodness I have so many. We are currently going through a bit of transition actually, trying to grow and launching new products, especially in lock down, has been a challenge to say the least, there have been so many delays and issues that are out of our hands. Our goal is to launch ingredient based products such as toothpastes, oil pulling mouthwashes and oral sprays etc in the very near future. We are working with Dentists, The Soil Association, Cruelty Free and The Vegan Society to make that happen. What is in the product, ingredient wise, is so important to me. The ingredients and the packaging in our new products are pretty tip top! I'm also a Formula Botanica Graduate so skincare launches, organic of course, are in our future plans as well. If money were no object I'd be doing it all now! :)

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