Quit on your New Year's Resolutions already? Try these New Year's Eco-lutions instead!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's January 17th, "Quitter's day". It's the official time of year we succumb to human weakness and give up on those New Year's Resolutions we set ourselves 3 weeks ago.

I have to say the prospect of lacing up my trainers for a 5k run in 0°C has me reaching for the duvet, a mug of steaming chai and curling up on the sofa with my kindle and the dogs instead. I'm sure there are many with more will power than I, and Yes, I could totally get my sweat on and maybe work off some of those extra helpings of mince pies from a few weeks ago, but those icy puffs of air I'm producing when doing something so simple as breathing has me rethinking the whole thing.

There are however a number of things I can do from the comfort of my home to help the environment. That way there are no excuses, so here are my top New Year's Eco-lutions. If like me you're starting to crumble, why not give these sustainable solutions a go....

1. Less fossil fuels, More renewable energy

Save energy around the home by switching to LED lights. Why not find a green energy provider and shower instead of bathing?

2. Less New, More Used

Buy less of what you don't NEED, and WANT more of what you already have. Fix it, sew that hole in your sock or choose second hand. Think of those Sustainability "R's" - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Re-purpose, Repair and my personal favourite - Rot!

3. Less thoughtless purchases, More questions asked

Make sure you research brands before buying something new. Are they being transparent? Has the product been made and sold with values that align with your own? The more we question the better

4. Less disposable, More reusable

Make simple swaps to environmentally friendly alternatives to your everyday essentials: Shampoo, soap, cotton pads, bags and batteries. Try zero-waste alternatives that can be re-used.

5. Less Tech, More Trek

OK, so this one does require you to brave the cold, and if we weren't in the midst of another National Lockdown I would encourage you all to get out and connect with nature. Instead, head to your local park, a nearby field, forest or any area where you can see the sky and hear the birds sing. Being surrounded by nature feeds the soul, plus more walks = more adventures! I'm fortunate enough to have the best company for it...


- Strava's National Quitters day: https://www.strava.com/clubs/261951/posts/7872836

- Music featured in the video is AURORA - Running with the Wolves

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