Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Reduce your food waste with these Vietnamee Summ

Summer or Vietnamese Spring rolls are a great way to use up any leftover bits of veggies, salad and herbs. Prevent any food waste by rolling them up in rice paper wrappers, dipped into something tangy and YUM a whole new meal.

Gluten Free, Vegan-friendly, super healthy and of course delicious!

I made a version of this adapted from a Recipe by the @minimalistbaker, you'll find her full recipe here: Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Crispy Tofu

For mine I used the odds and ends of what I had left in the fridge from last week:

  • 1/2 cucumber

  • 1/2 carrot

  • 1 sad wrinkly red pepper, still perfectly good to eat

  • 2 spring onion

  • 4 radishes

  • A handful of coriander and thai basil (our mint had died from the recent sunny spell we've been having otherwise I would use this)

I was short on time to make a dip so went with a quick mix of sweet chilli sauce, light soya sauce and homemade chilli oil.

I would alo usually use some cooked rice vermicelli noodles but I'm trying to reduce my carb intake at the moment.

For protein you could also add some sustainable cooked prawns or crispy tofu per the recipe above.

Mine were enourmous gorilla fingers if you watched the reel and not so neatly wrapped but it was a quick 15 minute meal that went down in even faster time.

If you have a go at the recipe let us know and leave a comment!

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