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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

We've made it easier for you to shop and find products by using our Shop by Badge feature.

Whether you are looking to discover brands here in the U.K. that are making their own zero-waste alternatives or remove plastic from your life altogether; click on one of our values to filter to products that have earned one or more Forever and Green badges.

Each of our badges align with our own core values as a business and help us, to help you make simple swaps to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Look out for the badges on each of our product pages too! With a few everyday swaps it's easy to go zero-waste.

Made in the UK

Support British businesses with our range of products made in the UK; keep your carbon footprint low by ensuring products haven't had to travel too far to get to you

Plastic Free

Help protect our oceans and marine life by reducing your plastic waste. We strive to source plastic free alternatives to your everyday essentials. Don't forget all of our packaging is plastic free too!


Support our independent artisans, makers and creators that are skillfully crafting their zero-waste products from scratch, often out of their own homes

Made from Sustainable Materials

These products made from sustainable materials. These are earth-friendly and renewable ingredients or resources used in manufacturing without harming the environment

Cruelty Free

The product, it's ingredients or components have not been tested on animals


The product is ethically sourced and does not contain any animal ingredients


These products contain natural and certified organic ingredients

Recycled (and Recyclable)

These products are made with recycled materials; whether that's

re-purposing or giving old materials and by-products a new lease of life. Often these items can be refilled or recycled in turn

Supports Social Causes

A number of our partners are supporting causes or making a social contribution with every sale; whether it's planting a tree, cleaning beaches or carbon off-setting, these are the products that are doing that extra bit of good

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