Top Tips for Sustainable Makeup Swaps

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Makeup has existed in most every culture for oer 7,000 years. For centuries we have been painting our faces in what is argued to have been the earliest form of a ritual in human culture.

Today, it might be to hide blemishes, look and feel like a better version of yourself or (in a lockdown life) prepre for a zom date or seduce the delivery driver.

Whatever the occasion, today, we are looking at ways to make you beauty routine kindder to your skin and the planet.

Buy products with eco-friendly packaging or go package free

More companies are going eco-friendly with their packaging by either going plastic free or even opting for no packaging at all. Shop around and look for brands and products that won't pile up in landfill

Use eco-friendly ingredients

This one isn't just great for the environment but will do wonders for your skin as well. Natural, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients will tend to be non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores). Try to source products that use high quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly and ethically while also thinking about the long-term impact of those ingredients on the environment. Look for Fair Trade ceertification as this will not just ensure that manufacturers are paid well but also that they produce using sustainable practices.

Research the formulation

This one can be tricky, especially given the amount of Greenwashing found in the beauty industry. Products containing both natural and synthetic ingredients may be regarded as eco-friendly if the production process or packaging fits in with sustainable principles.

Instead look for products that are not only 'natural', but are alo vegan, organic and cruelty-free. Item's that hold more than one ethical value will inherently be better for you and the planet.

Try to avoid ingredients such as petroleum (a fossil fuel by-product). Beeswax is a great alternative to get that moisturising effect but don't forget that this is still an animal ingredient so if you are trying to go vegan as well, you will need to shop around for a vegan alternative.

Looking for products containing marine extracts and algae can make a huge difference. These ingredients turn carbon dioxide into oxygen as they grow and do wonders for your skin!

Ditch the face wipes and single-use makeup removers

This is one of the easiest swaps to make. We have already stoped using single use shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups. It's time to ditch single-use acros your lifestyle and including your skin and beauty routine. Most facial wipes strip the skin of its natural oils and imbalance the skins PH levels as they usually contain alcohol.

Switch to a re-usabe cotton round paired with your favourite cleaners and toners. Simply re-use them over and over with a spin in the washing machine.

Looking to clean up that smudged mascara or touching up the perfect winged eyeliner? Why not use a reusable cotton swab as well? These can be washed between uses. Plasticstemmed cotton buds have been banned in the UK since October last year. Swap these out with a sustainabe version made from bambo

Eliminate microplastics and microbeads

Make sure your produce don't contain microbeads or micrplastics. These are usually made from polyethylene, tiny particles of plastic that have enourmously harmful effects on our environment. BIG YUCK and entirely avoidable. Microplastics are not recyclable and pollute our oceans and can be ingested by marine life. You'll usually find these in face scrubs.

Try to exfoliate with products containing naturally formed abrasive ingrediants such as coffee granuals, seeds, sugar or even just wiping with a warm water muslin cloth.

Reduce your water usage

When washing your face, turn off the water tap when you don’t need it. It’s a super simple thing to do but it makes a big difference to water wastage.

Recyclable and Refillables

Should you continue to use glass or plastic containers or packaging, remember that these can be recycled! Make sure these are empty and clean before disposing to avoiod contmination. Don't forget most lids and pumps wont be recyclable and need to be removed.

Where you can, buy products that are refillable. Using refillable Beauty Products is a real, actionable way to help the environment. These are brilliant as you can either upcycle the container and refill with another product or in some cases return the container to the brand and get it topped up with more product, sometimes at a discounted rate! Look out for brands that with a refill or recycling program.

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