Like the products we stock we aim to keep our carbon footprint (and therefore the road travelled) as short as possible so all of our packaging is sourced in the UK.

Where possible we have ensured that it is made from recycled and sustainable materials and can be recycled in turn making it as easy as popping the entire package or box into your recycling bin if no longer required.

Almost all of our Suppliers have delivered their products entirely plastic free and even in recycled/recyclable packaging.

We’ve included further information on each element of our packaging below.


For smaller parcels you will likely receive one of our compostable mailers, items will be wrapped in a layer of tissue paper to prevent any marks, scratches or light damage during transit.

For larger parcels that might contain more fragile items, we will send a cardboard box with your items ordered. On occasion we may use recycled/pre-used boxes where we’ve not got the appropriate size to hand. All plastic and tape will be removed prior to dispatch but expect that these might have existing markings or labels on them, in this case the parcel will be wrapped in kraft paper.



Both our stickers and promotional thank you cards are super environmentally friendly, 100% recycled and biodegradable. The paper is bleached without chlorine giving an off-white appearance. Look out for these as they contain a Voucher code for money off of your next purchase.

Paper and Card Recycling Tips

Both the Stickers and Cards can be recycled.



All our boxes are made from 100% recycled paper, and they are completely recyclable after use.

Cardboard Recycling Tips

Re-use your box as storage or for crafting.

If disposing, prepare cardboard for recycling by removing all other materials in the box and break it down to save space.

Try to keep cardboard dry as most recycling centres will not accept these as contaminated.



The mailing bags we use are a great eco-friendly alternative to the standard polythene bags typically used. Made from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market, these bags are 100% recyclable.

These bags are also carbon neutral - the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport.

Mailing Bag Recycling Tips

Place into the recycling bin.


The tape we use is a kraft tape and is 100% recyclable. 

Tape Recycling Tips

Our eco parcel tape can be left on the cardboard box when it is recycled. 



Our tissue paper is acid free (PH Neutral) and manufactured from 25% recycled material. The dye used for the coloured paper is water-based making it eco-friendly. For those that are patterned or have a metallic finish (used in our Forever and Green bundles or Gifts), they have used soluble ink to achieve this effect rather than synthetic coatings ensuring the paper is recyclable as well as biodegradable.

Finally, the mills that produce these tissues are FSC accredited, but as we are not, we are unable to pass the Accreditation along.

Tissue Paper Recycling Tips

  • You can choose to reuse our tissue paper for future wrapping or crafts

  • It is 100% recyclable so stick it in your recycling bin if you have no use for it

  • Alternatively, add the paper to your compost heap, use a little water to get the breakdown process started but it should help with smells being absorbed too!



We are shredding/scrunching our own paper as void filler. This filler will be recycled kraft and tissue paper that we have collected from our own parcels (and mostly Christmas gifts received) as well as supplier packaging. If you’ve never used a shredder, I can’t tell you how satisfying it is!

Like the Tissue Paper above, our packaging void filler can be recycled as regular paper.