6 reasons to switch to solid shampoo

Have you tried Solid shampoo yet?

Whether its as a bar, cube or block, lather up in your hands, run through your hair and rinse.

Here are a few reasons why you should make the switch

- solid shampoo alternatives tend to be multi-use. Whether that's a Shampoo + Conditioner or Shampoo + Bodywash combo. Dual purpose products = less items that need purchasing and therefore disposing of

- most solid shampoos come with little or no packaging. Look for a plastic free version

- they're ideal for traveling with, take up little space. Simply pop into a reusable container

- solid shampoo formulas tend to be very concentrated and so very little product is required

- all of the above help to keep the carbon footprint of solid shampoo low. Look for ones that are local produced using locally sourced natural ingredients

- above all else, they work just as well as traditional shampoos to keep your hair fresh and clean

We have several varieties of @beautykubes in stock at www.foreverandgreen.co.uk (link in bio)

These wonderful solid shampoo cubes are great for hair, skin and planet too.

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