LGBTQ+ And The Environmental Movement

The conservation movement is historically grounded as a movement centred on the participation of white, economically advantaged individuals. Yet minorities, including the LGBTQ+ community, are underrepresented in the movement’s systems and structures – and simultaneously at the leading edge of the experience of environmental harms. Want to find out more?...

Here are our list of LGBTQ+ Environmental Organisations:

Out for Sustainability: LGBTQ organisation for the social and physical environment

O4S runs a number of initiatives including Greener Pride: Working toward carbon-neutral, waste free Pride celebrations

Venture Out Project: Bringing together queer people to experience wilderness

Queer Nature: Ecological awareness and place based skills for healing marginalised populations

Out There Adventures: Empowering queer youth to connect with the natural world

LGBTQ Outdoor Summit: opportunity for conservation leaders, the outdoor recreation community, and environmental groups to connect around the status of the LGBTQ community and the outdoors

500 Queer Scientists: Visibility platform for LGBTQ+ and allies working in STEM

The Institute of Queer Ecology

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